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Plant Addiction?

Just let it be natural.

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We aim To PleasE

Welcome to Sexy Plants!  We love plants like you do!
We select the strongest healthy plants for our stock and send them to you! We hope your plants bring you years of enjoyment and pleasure.
We take good care of your plants while they are here
and keep them thu-riving so they are in prime
condition when they arrive on your doorstep!
Our shipping and packaging department  staff handle plants with  tender-loving care.  Having you delighted when you receive your new plants  is our 1st priority!


 We value FUN, Positivity and Humor around here! (Click here for our Green and Quarantined LOL joke page.)

Here at Sexy Plants our plants & our people come in

all shapes & sizes, & we love ‘em all!

For every “body” and every “plant buddy” is loved

just the way we are. We practice friendly acceptance for all.

 Lemons and cacti welcome; you’ll find a friend here!

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Make Your Own Oasis!

Create your own serene garden area just for you. Your own Happy Place to relax, be creative or just be you!

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Everyone longs to be Appreciated

Feeling appreciated is something that connects us to others in a

deep meaningful way.  When we are valued, we tend to have an increased

sense of wellbeing and heightened self-esteem. We naturally develop a sense

of loyalty and respect.

Care Packages

Expressive people send their care in packages.

That’s why they are called Care Packages. (Wink)

Send a Living Plant Care Package

to some today to let them know you care!

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