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The Best Plants for Marketing

The 10 Best Plants for Marketing

In Brief:

1. Ficus Lyrata’s

2. Sansevierias

3. ZZ’s

4. Dracaena Janet Craig’s; Dracaena Art Carman’s; Dracaena Warneckii Lemon-Lime’s

5. Arboricola’s

6. Pothos

7. Aglaonema's

8. Palms

9. Ficus Benjamina

10. Song of India Bush

Here’s Why:

Marketing is about capturing someone’s attention by hooking them emotionally. Plants add ambience, (the feeling or mood associated with an idea, place, person, or thing) to help sell your idea. A room with plants sets the atmosphere to be balanced and peaceful. They bring a room to life and pave the way for comfort. The first hook plants bring is stress relief and relaxation. 😊

Besides the emotional hook, plants lock visual attention. They accent, define, and complete all décor styles, for example:

Sharp trendy décor with streamlined furnishings and accessories is accented with plants whose leaves have thin flat edges such as Sansevieria/Sword Plants, Dracaena Marginata’s/Dragon Trees, with long slender pink-edged leaves and all varieties and sizes of Palms, adding a breezy tropical flavor.

In a more relaxed setting employ plants that sprawl and have broad leaves. Open spaces call for plants that will give the feeling of cohesiveness and tie it together. Accent with elegant Ficus Lyrata/Fiddle-Leaf Fig, Aglaonema, also known as Chinese Evergreen, with its broad graceful leaves and lastly, Bird-of-Paradise, with their tall stately elegance and impressive stature.

Complete a cozy and inviting smaller space with plants that smile back. Pleasing accent plants are Palms and Ficus Benjamina’s/Weeping Figs for height, and round leafed plants for continuity and peace. Nothing brings a space to life more than living plants. Add warmth with Schefflera Arboricola’s, Jade Plants, Pothos and succulents.

All these are available at Sexy-Plants by mail nation-wide, and we offer large size plants, bushes and trees (10” & 14” pot dia - 2ft to 5 ft height) for Colorado Front Range only delivery.

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